Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece Reviews: Scam or Legit?



One night, I couldn’t sleep because of my loud snoring, and it was bothering my partner. I had sleep apnea, and I needed a solution. I got frustrated and started searching online for answers.

While searching, I came across a review of the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece. I got curious and looked into the product. I read about people who had similar sleep problems finding relief with it, so I decided to order one. Ordering was easy, and it arrived quickly in a nice case.

I followed the simple instructions to mold the mouthpiece to fit my bite, and that night, I used it while sleeping. It made a huge difference. I slept well without any interruptions, and my partner had a snore-free night for the first time in a long time.

Having used the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece for 3 months, I’m here to share my experience.

What is Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece?

The Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is a comfortable, non-invasive device designed to improve sleep quality by addressing sleep apnea and snoring.

It repositions your jaw to enhance airflow during sleep, offering a convenient alternative to CPAP machines and surgeries.


Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece Review


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How Does It Work?

The Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece works by keeping your airway open during sleep to alleviate sleep apnea. Sleep apnea happens when throat muscles relax too much, causing airway blockage and breathing interruptions.

This device gently positions your jaw forward while you sleep, widening the airway. This improves oxygen flow and reduces sleep apnea symptoms like interruptions and snoring.

How to Use Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece

Here’s how I use the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece:

  1. Boil a cup of water and let it cool a bit. The mouthpiece needs hot water for shaping but not boiling hot.

  2. Submerge the mouthpiece in the hot water for 60 seconds. This softens it for molding.

  3. Remove it and wait 5 seconds to avoid burns.

  4. Bite down on it for 15 seconds to customize the fit to your teeth.

  5. Check the fit and adjust if needed. Repeat steps 1-4 if necessary.

  6. Wear it before bed for a snore-free sleep.

  7. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

  8. In the morning, clean it with toothpaste, mild soap, or water.

  9. If needed, repeat the process for adjustments or replacements.

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Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece – Before and After Results

Before I started using the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece, my nights were really tough. I used to snore loudly and suffer from sleep apnea, which not only disturbed my sleep but also annoyed my partner. I would wake up feeling groggy, and I had low energy levels throughout the day. It was a constant struggle to get good quality rest.

However, after using the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece faithfully for three months, my life has changed dramatically. Now, my nights are peaceful, and I sleep without interruptions. My partner is happy because there’s no more loud snoring. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Pros of Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece

  1. Non-Invasive: Before using the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece, I struggled with sleep apnea and considered treatments like CPAP machines or surgery. However, with this mouthpiece, I found a non-invasive solution that doesn’t require any cumbersome equipment or medical procedures. It’s simply a comfortable mouthpiece that I can wear during sleep, making it a much easier and more convenient option for managing my sleep apnea.

  2. Improved Sleep: Since using the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep. I no longer experience the frequent interruptions caused by sleep apnea, allowing me to enjoy longer periods of uninterrupted sleep. As a result, I wake up feeling more refreshed and energized, ready to tackle the day ahead.

  3. Reduced Snoring: One of the most noticeable benefits of the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is its ability to reduce snoring. Before using the mouthpiece, my snoring was not only disruptive to my own sleep but also to my partner’s. However, since incorporating the mouthpiece into my nightly routine, my snoring has significantly decreased, providing relief for both myself and my partner. Now, we can both enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without the constant noise disturbances.

  4. Customizable Fit: When I first got my Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece, I was impressed by how easy it was to customize the fit to my bite. Using the “boil and bite” method, I simply submerged the mouthpiece in hot water, let it cool for a few seconds, and then placed it in my mouth to mold it to the shape of my teeth. The result was a personalized fit that felt comfortable and secure, without any unnecessary pressure or shifting during sleep.

  5. Comfortable Design: One of the things I appreciate most about the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is its comfortable design. Unlike other mouthpieces I’ve tried in the past, this one doesn’t cause any discomfort or irritation while wearing it. I can breathe easily through my mouth if needed, and it doesn’t interfere with my ability to talk or drink water before bed. This level of comfort makes it much easier to consistently use the mouthpiece every night without feeling like it’s a burden.

  6. Portability: Another great feature of the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is its portability. It comes with a convenient carrying case that makes it easy to take with me when traveling. Whether I’m going on a weekend getaway or a longer trip, I can simply toss the mouthpiece into my bag without worrying about it getting damaged or lost. This portability ensures that I can continue to benefit from uninterrupted sleep, even when I’m away from home.

  7. Scientific Backing: As someone who values evidence-based solutions, I was pleased to learn that the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is grounded in scientific principles. It works by repositioning the jaw to improve airflow during sleep, a concept that’s widely recognized in the medical community for its effectiveness in managing sleep apnea. Knowing that the design of the mouthpiece is backed by scientific research gave me confidence in its ability to address my sleep apnea symptoms and improve my overall sleep quality.

  8. Risk-Free Guarantee: Before committing to using the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece, I appreciated the fact that it came with a 60-day guarantee. This allowed me to try the mouthpiece without any financial risk. If for any reason I wasn’t satisfied with the results or found that it didn’t meet my needs, I could simply return it within the specified time frame and receive a full refund. This guarantee gave me peace of mind and reassured me that the company stands behind their product, making it easier for me to make the decision to give it a try.

Cons of Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece

  1. Individual Results Vary: In my personal experience, I found that the effectiveness of the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece can vary from person to person. While it worked well for me in managing my sleep apnea symptoms, I’ve also heard from others who didn’t experience the same level of improvement. Factors such as the severity of sleep apnea and individual differences in anatomy and sleeping habits can influence how well the mouthpiece works for each person. It’s important to keep in mind that while the mouthpiece may be effective for some, it may not be as effective for others.

  2. Initial Adjustment Period: When I first started using the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece, I encountered a brief adjustment period where I needed to get used to wearing it while sleeping. During the first few nights, I experienced some mild discomfort and felt a bit awkward with the mouthpiece in my mouth. However, after a few nights of continued use, I gradually became more accustomed to it, and the discomfort subsided. While the initial adjustment period was a minor inconvenience, it’s worth noting that it’s a common experience for some users and typically improves with time.

  3. Regular Cleaning Required: In my personal experience, one downside of the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is the need for regular cleaning to ensure hygiene and durability. After each use, I found it necessary to thoroughly clean the mouthpiece to remove saliva, bacteria, and any buildup that may accumulate over time. While the cleaning process itself isn’t overly complicated, it does require additional time and effort to maintain the mouthpiece properly. For someone with a busy schedule or who may be prone to forgetting regular maintenance tasks, this could become a minor inconvenience.

  4. Not Universal: Another consideration I encountered was that the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece may not be suitable for everyone, including those with severe sleep apnea or other underlying medical conditions. While the mouthpiece can be effective for managing mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea, individuals with more severe symptoms may not experience the same level of improvement. Additionally, there may be certain anatomical factors or medical contraindications that make the mouthpiece unsuitable for some individuals. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional to determine whether the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is the right treatment option based on individual needs and circumstances.

Is Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece a Scam or Legit?

The Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is a legitimate solution for sleep apnea and snoring. Here’s why:

  1. Scientific Backing: It aligns with scientific knowledge by repositioning the jaw to improve airflow, a recognized approach for addressing sleep apnea.

  2. Positive User Feedback: Many users, including myself, have experienced improved sleep quality with it.

  3. Professional Design: Designed by top dentists and sleep doctors, it’s a credible solution.

  4. Non-Invasive Option: It’s a comfortable, non-invasive alternative to CPAP machines or surgery for sleep apnea relief.

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1. How do I mold the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece to my bite?

The mouthpiece is customized to your bite using a “boil and bite” method. You immerse it in hot water for 60 seconds, then bite down on it for 15 seconds to create a personalized fit.

2. Will the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece fit my mouth?

The mouthpiece is designed to fit a wide range of mouth sizes, and adjustments can be made to ensure a comfortable fit. It’s recommended to start with the smallest setting and adjust as needed.

3. Is the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece comfortable to wear?

Many users find the mouthpiece comfortable to wear, as it doesn’t lock the jaw and allows for natural mouth breathing. The customizable fit helps ensure comfort.

4. Can I breathe through my mouth while sleeping with the mouthpiece on?

Yes, the design of the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece allows for both mouth and nose breathing while you sleep.

5. How do I clean the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece?

To clean the mouthpiece, simply rinse it with water or use toothpaste or mild soap for a more thorough cleaning.

6. What if the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece doesn’t work for me?

The manufacturer offers a 60-day Risk-Free Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can return the product within the specified period.

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Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 61 reviews)
Very good15%

Definitely helps keep lower jaw from drooping, cuts down on snoring

February 1, 2024

I’ve had this Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece for a few years now. It fits my mouth really well, but there’s no way it would fit in my wife’s mouth. I don’t use it every night, but I do use it occasionally when I’m sick and start to snore. It really does help keep my jaw into a position that I don’t snore, but I do wake up with a sore jaw after the first few nights every time I start using it again. This is really something you should stick with for a week+ to get used to it. Would definitely recommend if you’re having trouble with snoring.

Avatar for Landen OKeefe
Landen OKeefe


January 30, 2024

Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece changed my life. Besides having a better nights sleep my wife gets a great night sleep also. Thank you!

Avatar for Isabel Parisian
Isabel Parisian

Comfortable and works for snoring

January 29, 2024

The first one got ruined because I did not follow directions, follow directions and it works great. As instructions say boiling water should be around 160 degrees that is important. My second attempt it fit great and the air holes are still in the mouth guard. It’s definitely helped with snoring and opening up the passage way.

Avatar for Johnson Ajakaiye
Johnson Ajakaiye

Stopped the snoring!

January 26, 2024

Thought I would try this and see if it would help. Stopped the snoring from night one. Been using it for a few weeks now and it’s working great.

Avatar for Jack Parker
Jack Parker

Actually works

January 21, 2024

Have been using Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece for a month now. It really does work. No more complaints from the wife. It basically pushes your jaw forward a little, creating more space in the throat where the snoring normally occurs. However, it is a bit uncomfortable initially. You kind of get used to it though..

Avatar for Zechariah Botsford
Zechariah Botsford

It really works!!

January 16, 2024

I was skeptical about this mouth piece but it really works!! I followed the directions to form it to my teeth and I’ve been using it for 3 nights with NO snoring! My mouth and teeth are a little sore, but I’m sure in a few more days I’ll get used to it.

Avatar for Shana Dooley
Shana Dooley

Really helped me with snoring and better sleep

January 15, 2024

This is the 4th time I have bought these. Just keep replacing as they eventually wear out. They allow me to breath freely at night and have really helped with less snoring.

Avatar for kabelo Laubscher
kabelo Laubscher

OMG. This actually works.

January 14, 2024

Holy cr@p. I took a chance on this to help with snoring, and it actually works. I had been waking myself, and my entire family, up with my snoring. The snoring app on my phone said that I snored 60% of the night and at “epic” noise levels. I bought one of these. First night – zero snoring. Amazing. Really. I’m not getting paid to write this.

Avatar for Berry Musinguzi
Berry Musinguzi

A little large for my fit.

January 14, 2024

Wow. Helps quiet my snoring. I’m sleeping better. It’s a little large for my mouth but I have been told that I have a small pallet. I recommend you give it a try.

Avatar for Katheryn Aisu
Katheryn Aisu

Great for clenching

January 14, 2024

I clench my teeth while sleeping. The clenching caused a ton of damage to my natural teeth. Now I have full dental implants and I use this while I sleep so I don’t ruin my investment. Works great.Don’t know if it helps with my snoring.

Avatar for Lee Robertson
Lee Robertson

Wish it last longer

January 13, 2024

This product is work for me, but it does loosen back up after use at the mall. Mines lasted for about a week because I registered the product. They did send a free one. It would be great if it last longer.

Avatar for Eva Vandervort
Eva Vandervort

Eliminated snoring

January 12, 2024

Easy to keep in at night and has totally eliminated my snoring.

Avatar for Oleta Batz
Oleta Batz

Started working on the very first night!

January 11, 2024

The setup was pretty simple. A typical boil to set it for your mouth. Was pretty comfortable, but nothing a little getting used to won’t fix. I formerly was using the Nasal strips, this was a huge improvement over those. I did do an adjustment the first night to a 5 and it complete took care of my snoring. I would highly recommend trying this!

Avatar for Jacqueline Roberts
Jacqueline Roberts

Game changer

January 11, 2024

This should have been purchased for my husband years ago. He has sleep apnea big time. The VA has done minimal work with him. The CPAP machines are a nightmare. He even got an issue with his sinus cavities cauterized. First night in he was sleeping soundly…..AND SO WAS I. This is expense vs what a dentist is working up to create that will do the same thing….crazy. If you have tried everything, please get this. The first night was getting used to according to my husband but it was not unbearable. He uses it every night.

Avatar for Pradeep Sangha
Pradeep Sangha

Works but have to get used to sleeping with a mouthpiece in your mouth.

January 10, 2024

Easy to make impression and clear instructions. Product works according to the wife. My snoring is better. Might want to use Polident denture cleaner with this. If you don’t clean the mouthpiece good, it can smell.

Avatar for Keith Hendricks
Keith Hendricks

This thing really works

January 10, 2024

I don’t write reviews often, but I felt compelled to because this product is truly worth and worth five-stars.I’ve always had a bit of a snoring problem and in recent years it’s gotten progressively worse, to where my wife has been having trouble sleeping because of it. I’ve gone to sleep specialists several times to test for sleep apnea and was told I didn’t have it, and getting a CPAP machine felt unnecessary.I researched around and found this product. It truly gets the job done because it actually forces your jaw to move forward, which was the root cause of my snoring. I haven’t snored a single time since using it. My wife loves it.The only downside is it can be uncomfortable at first, because your jaw and teeth have to get used to essentially an entirely new way of resting while you sleep. Once you get used to it, it’s not bad. Just adjust the placement until you find what fits best for you.

Avatar for Sabina Kityamuwesi
Sabina Kityamuwesi

I was wrong. This works!

January 7, 2024

I am changing my initial review as after reading the included warning I thought that having cap’s prevented me from molding the guard for my mouth. But my snoring is so bad that I decided to mold and give it a try and it works. My Autistic son normally wears ear covers at night when I sleep because I snore so loudly but he reported that I didn’t snore at all. So I apologize for my initially bad review and hope it didn’t deter anyone, cause this thing works. So happy cause we are preparing for an overseas trip and I didn’t want to annoy everyone on the plane with my awful roaring snores on the way home. Thanks for this product. Give it a try. It helped stop my snoring.

Avatar for Leila Nayebare
Leila Nayebare

Easy to custom fit.

January 6, 2024

Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is high quality like others that we paid a lot more for. It is easy to custom mold and directions are easy to follow.

Avatar for Wanda Biyinzika
Wanda Biyinzika


January 5, 2024

Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece works. No sore throat in the morning from snoring. Does the job, easy to use!

Avatar for Monserrat Goodwin
Monserrat Goodwin

hit the mark

December 29, 2023

I have a tendency to grind my teeth … using this product keeps me from wearing them down. Easy to fit and form to my bite following the direction. Very happy with this product

Avatar for Chelsea Davis
Chelsea Davis

Best one for fit and comfort yet.

December 29, 2023

I have tried several others and Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is soft and comfortable and stays in place all night.

Avatar for personal Edwards
personal Edwards

Stop snoring comfortably

December 29, 2023

I use this mouthguard to prevent snoring and teeth grinding while sleeping. It’s easy to customize to one’s mouth (immerse in hot water and then bite down on it) and it’s comfortable to wear. Like any other mouthpiece, it can cause drooling, and like any other, it needs replacing after about 4-6 months. The low cost of the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece makes it easy to replace once it gets discolored and/or too flexible to work as effectively as it does when new.

Avatar for Anita Eichmann
Anita Eichmann

I can't even tell my husband is in the bed anymore

December 28, 2023

Normally, I have to wake up my husband between five and 10 times a night and I can also hear that he has stopped breathing at times. Now I can still hear occasional snoring, but it is rare. Sometimes I have to look under the covers to see if he is actually in the bed with me, and that is never happened before. He feels better rested during the day as well.

Avatar for Alan Chapman
Alan Chapman

Worked for me, hundi-P

December 26, 2023

I formed it per instructions, but did the start-to-finish heating, forming, (then cooling) procedure twice to get a particularly good fit. Formed it so that I had no overbite (whereas my normal bite has overbite). When I wear it to sleep, I do not snore . . . full stop. Without mouthpiece, I typically snore pretty fiercely. I’m quite happy with it, works 100% to address gnashing AND snoring for me. One important aspect of forming instruction that needs clarification: leave the airway plug (hard plastic forming aid) in place while heating, forming, AND cooling.

Avatar for Mack Schaden
Mack Schaden

Helped my snoring

December 23, 2023

This reduced my snoring significantly! Make sure you follow their directions and use a thermometer to test the water temp when molding the mouthpiece – very important – like the directions say. I would buy this again.

Avatar for Vivienne Katusiime
Vivienne Katusiime

Great product

December 2, 2023

Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is so much better than the last one i had. The thickness is just right. I use this at our weekend place so I dont have to take my cpap machine. My hubby says I dont snore!!Love it

Avatar for Lillian Kibirige
Lillian Kibirige

Back in Bed

November 17, 2023

My husband was relegated to the couch and I could still hear him snoring from upstairs. Now he’s back upstairs and we are both getting a good nights sleep!

Avatar for Rosanna Bayer
Rosanna Bayer


November 6, 2023

This is a really good product for individuals that need a night light.. lolol

Avatar for Darius Willms
Darius Willms

Still the best!!!

November 6, 2023

I’ve been using this brand of mouth guard for several years now, and I continue to be extremely satisfied and impressed with the effectiveness of this mouthguard. I’m a snorer and use this to help my wife get a good nights rest. When I first bought one of these, I did have trouble with the molding because I took the plastic bit out too early and the breathing holes were not as big as they needed to be, but with every mouthpiece since, I’ve had zero trouble. I don’t even have to trim it once it’s molded.I’ve tried several different brands before Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece, but these are simply the best. Especially when the two pack is on sale!

Avatar for Alanna Nitzsche
Alanna Nitzsche

Effective snoring relief

November 2, 2023

This product is a cost effective way to reduce snoring and increase the quality of your sleep.

Avatar for Ruby Matthews
Ruby Matthews

Excellent Customer Service made the difference

October 27, 2023

I bought Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece to help with my snoring, then I put water too hot to mold it so I ruined it. I contacted Customer Service and explained, they were very kind and helpful, I’m very happy with the new mouthpiece and very satisfied with the attention received.

Avatar for Quinten Price
Quinten Price

Dramatically improved sleep while waiting for sleep apnea test

October 24, 2023

Been waking up every morning feeling like I’ve got jet lag from an international flight. No energy and wishing for another 8 hours of sleep. Pretty sure it’s obstructive sleep apnea but it’s going to be another month before the doctor can see me. In desperation hit up google and this product got great reviews. It came quickly. The other commenters are right, you need to follow directions exactly but it was easy. It took about 3 days but I have noticed significant improvement. I would say I’m feeling 75% better and now have the energy to function. A week in, I left it out intentionally and another night the guard fell out, both mornings I woke up feeling the jet lag again. There are mornings where my jaw is a little stiff and sore but overall it’s worth it. Not a cure, but for the price and the improvement, I would definitely recommend it.

Avatar for Teagan Cox
Teagan Cox

This product works well for Years.

October 23, 2023

I recently bought two additional mouthpieces. I own several and actually have one in each travel bag so I am not without one. It stops me from “snorting “ and I even use it while taking a nap in the recliner. They work well and I have recommended them to many friends and patients.

Avatar for Alpa Nagy
Alpa Nagy

Perfect product for a good night's sleep.

October 23, 2023

I purchased Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece for the sole purpose of going on a hunt out west where there will be no electricity. I received the product in 2 days time started using it and have not used my CPAP machine since. My wife says there has been no snoring no breathing issues this has been a perfect product for me along with the nasal expanders from the same company.

Avatar for Andy Roberts
Andy Roberts

Better sleep. No snoring

October 18, 2023

This worked for me. This product really helped with my snoring and I feel I am getting better sleep. My wife is also happy because she is getting better sleep.

Avatar for Wilson Bbosa
Wilson Bbosa

Life altering - for the better

October 13, 2023

Ok – I went through 3 of these until I got the fit correct – but now that I have it right – after 1 week – last night I slept through the night. That is the first time in years.

Avatar for Nhlanhla Masuku
Nhlanhla Masuku

For snoring

September 29, 2023

This is awesome for snoring! Molds easier and tighter than any brand I have tried and I have tried a lot!

Avatar for Ajinkya Nazareth
Ajinkya Nazareth

This worked well at our house to stop snoring.

September 13, 2023

Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece works well and has eliminated 98% of snoring at our house. Fitting it is easy (but included directions may want to amend to include when to remove the “bit” from the device–note, it is AFTER fit is achieved). We didn’t track when usage started (wasn’t immediately upon purchase), so not certain how long they last, but I’m thinking 3-4 months for us.For those who say the jaw pain is limiting for them, we had a lengthy discussion with our dentist and shared the device with him (worrying about issues for teeth). He uses something similar and said that the “misalignment” you feel upon waking can be remedied by gently pressing/holding your bottom jaw (toward the back of your head ) to help shift things back into alignment. While it can be a little inconvenient, it is much less inconvenient than a CPAP machine…especially when something more basic can help eliminate snoring (no electricity needed and no noisy machine or constricting masks to prevent sleeping). Your results may vary, but we have found that Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is a great fit for our household!

Avatar for Zainab Babatunde
Zainab Babatunde

Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece review

September 12, 2023

I purchased the Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece late last year and only just last month (August) started to use it. From the first night it was a revelation as to how effective it was compared to the CPAP machine that I have been using, which was causing me severe Dry Mouth every night (even though it has a humidifier component) – that big problem has now disappeared completely :).I also used the SnoreApp on my phone to monitor activity and snoring during the night – it is actually also so much better than life was with the CPAP too !Highly recommend this device.

Avatar for Sonia Young
Sonia Young

Just what I needed!

September 8, 2023

Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is excellent. It was easy to fit to my mouth. The price is great. No more headaches upon waking up.

Avatar for Trevion OReilly
Trevion OReilly

I like the fit

August 20, 2023

I have tried several different bite guards. This one stays softer so it doesn’t hurt your mouth. The fit is comfortable. I was able to cut part of it off to make it smaller to fit. I say good job. *****

Avatar for Bijoy Varma
Bijoy Varma

Easy to use

August 10, 2023

easy to mold, effective! Even the dog sleeps better. Oh…..and my wife too!

Avatar for Afreen Kannan
Afreen Kannan

Great Fit

August 9, 2023

I love this Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece! My mouth is small and none of the other bite guards fit. This one is much more comfortable and has been a great help for teeth grinding and snoring. I would definitely recommend!

Avatar for Kimberly Ward
Kimberly Ward

Really Works

June 28, 2023

I use this product along with a CPAP mask and its use has effectively lowered my leakage rate and apnea event count. It is comfortable and works well in controlling mouth breathing.

Avatar for Patricia Kirabo
Patricia Kirabo

Perfect Fit!

June 26, 2023

I have an extremely small mouth and have tried numerous anti snoring devices. This one is hands down the best one that I have ordered. It’s easy to mold to the shape of your mouth and it is very comfortable to wear! Will definitely be reordering!!Just a quick update: The email address that is provided to send proof of purchase for the buy 1 get 1 free offer is not a valid address. Bummer…..

Avatar for Julie Nankunda
Julie Nankunda

I love these mouthguards

June 20, 2023

I tried this a few years ago and love it. I use this over my CPAP with less issues. I sleep better and more soundly and will continue to use it for years to come. Less waking up in the middle of the night and less snoring. I highly recommend this product to others who are looking for better breathing during the nights sleep.

Avatar for Brenda Kivumbi
Brenda Kivumbi

It really works!

May 23, 2023

This mouth guard works to keep me from snoring. I replace them every couple of months. The price is good too. Other brands are way too expensive. Clear instructions help me mold this to my mouth in a matter of minutes. Will buy again.

Avatar for Emmett Osinski
Emmett Osinski

Product really works!

May 1, 2023

I snored bc my mouth would open during sleep. This mouth piece keeps my mouth closed and I breath much better through my nose and do not snore. I highly recommend it!

Avatar for Lorenzo Yundt
Lorenzo Yundt


May 1, 2023

I have tried several anti snore mouth guards over the years. These were a great value and my wife says that they help keep my snoring to a minimum.

Avatar for Victor Akankunda
Victor Akankunda

Finally, something that works

April 20, 2023

I have tried nearly everything on the market to improve my sleep, gritting my teeth, snoring, things of that nature. Wish I had found this years ago and savwd myswlf some headache. For the price of a coffee or two, give it a try. It may change your life

Avatar for Bronwyn Botes
Bronwyn Botes

Great mouthpiece to stop snoring

April 18, 2023

This mouthpiece is easy to mold, and easy to use. It is super effective, stays in place all night and it’s easy to clean. I love that it stops my snoring completely!

Avatar for Thapelo Duma
Thapelo Duma

A perfect fit

February 21, 2023

Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece is the best fitting mouthpiece I’ve found! The material is so soft and easy to customize with just one fitting! This is the third mouthpiece that I have purchased and this is the FIRST one that molded to my teeth perfectly with one try. I followed the directions, warming precisely to 160 degrees and then placed the soft and pliable mouthpiece into my mouth and sucked the air out to draw it tightly against my teeth and it worked!!! I kept it there for about a minute then dropped it into cold water for another minute and it was done! Perfectly the very first time. It is as comfortable as a custom made mouthpiece. I am so pleased and look forward to a good night’s sleep every night now!

Avatar for Emmanuel Latifat
Emmanuel Latifat

Great product!

February 15, 2023

Had to buy 2 this time, dog chewed other on up! These are easier to use and form. Helps with apnea and teeth grinding.

Avatar for Tiffany Edwards
Tiffany Edwards

Good nights sleep!

February 9, 2023

The directions with the mouth guard were easy to understand and included images to follow along on the custom molding process. I monitored the temperature as required for the molding portion and did repeat this step to further mold or fit the mouth guard for my teeth. Once I was satisfied, I put it in cold water for quite a few minutes to stabilize from any shrinkage and to retain its shape. All in all it was one of the easiest mouth guards for me to first mold and fit, then secondly it gave a good nights sleep. I was able to wake up without any pain in my gums or jaws. After 5 different companies, I found a winner!

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Juan Brits

The solution I have been looking for!

February 3, 2023

I use a Cpap and have struggled with breathing through my mouth while wearing the facemask. I have tried all forms of the masks and all types of the chin straps. The Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece has been the only solution that has worked for me. No, they don’t last forever. I’m on my second mouthguard in 6 months and now have a spare waiting when the current one wears out. Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece allows me to use my cpap machine and now I’m getting the sleep I desperately needed.

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Umesh Behl

Better night sleep

January 31, 2023

Purchased a 2 pack, thought to myself, maybe this can help with my sleep apnea, never thought a mouthguard would replace my CPAP. After the second night, I was convinced. If you sleep on your back, think about getting the chin strap.

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Rod Hintz

Cost efficient and excellent product

January 21, 2023

Great quality a sleep guard like I have never seen I love it if you grinding and brutism this is cheaper than my dentist and better I would definitely purchase again

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Hassan Varughese


January 17, 2023

Soothie AirFlow Mouthpiece stopped my snoring. I feel refreshed in the morning. I bought additional ones for my family.

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Sekinat Oluwatosin

Work very well at a fraction of the price of Dentist model

January 13, 2023

Work great! Key is to know where your jaw should be for most effectiveness when molding them. For me, lower jaw needs to be forward of natural bite, so I held it in that position while forming. This is my second order so I have more of them in case of loss or wear.

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Christopher Orishaba

Great product well made

January 7, 2023

Definitely fits better than other devices I have tried the materials are much better and seem to hold up better to when I grid my teeth at night, which is a bonus, because I purchased it for snoring and it is helping with that also.

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Myles Ouma

Seems to be and excellent mouth guard/snore stopper!

January 7, 2023

I’ve only had this mouth guard for one night but so far so good. The fit was good after molding. I’m accustom to wearing a mouth guard for bruxism but not for snoring, this guard was larger but still comfortable. If you usually sleep with your mouth closed as I do, it may take a little time to train yourself to keep your lips open so you can breath through your mouth guard.I would prefer written instructions instead of the video but I was easily able to mold the mouth guard. The items seems to be good quality, since I grind my teeth, I’m curious as to how long it will last.Prior to molding, make sure the plastic plug is fully inserted into the mouth guard. Also, you’ll need to find the tiny text that shows the “top” of the mouth guard, it’s located just above where the plastic insert.Heat water to 155 to 160 degrees (do not over heat).Using tongs, hold the guard by the plastic insert and submerge into the water for 45 seconds without touching the bottom of the pan.Place in mouth and gently bite down and suck the mold for a tight fit.Remove from mouth and submerge in cool water. Remove the plastic insert prior to using.This process can be done 3 times.

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Morris OConner


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